Renovation of the whole house
Renovation of the whole house Drimnagh Co. Dublin

Renovation of the whole house

There comes a time when we all decide that it is time to completely renovate our homes. We would like to enjoy freshly painted walls, new floors and tiles, and even new furniture, experiencing the feeling of having a new home all over again. The same happened in the case of this property in Drimnagh, Dublin. The owners of the house called us and assigned us with the task of renovating the entire house. Of course, no task is too difficult for us, so we got right to it in no time.

The house had two floors to take care of. We started with the grand floor, renovating the living room, sitting room, kitchen, toilet, and hallway. The renovation operations consisted in installing new radiators in all of the rooms, new window sills, steel ceiling support for the period in which we had to take care of the walls, removal, and replacement of doors, floor panels, and tiling. We also had to remove the old fireplace and paint all the walls, for a fresh look and feel. The kitchen, besides getting new tiles, got new kitchen fittings, which we put in place after removing the old ones. The entire floor looked different after the renovation was completed.

But, we still had one more floor to go until we could call this project complete. At the first floor, which had two bedrooms and a bathroom, we started renovating the walls, using plasterboards and soundproof insulation. Then we took care of the entire bathroom. We removed the old tiles and installed new ones, completely changing the look of the bathroom. The toilet bowl, washbasin, and bathtub were also replaced. So, our clients got the chance to enjoy a new start in their old house, which had a very different look after the renovation.

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