Attic and Garage Conversion in Dublin


Garage, shed and attic conversions

It is good when a house comes with additional spaces, such as a garage, a shed, or attic, or even all of them at once. But, in most cases, these spaces are not valued properly. They are mostly used for depositing items you don’t use anymore, instead of turning them into a fully functional part of your house. If you could use an extra room, a garage, shed, or attic conversion is exactly what you need. The basic structure of the new room exists, at least most of it, so it will be easier and faster to create new space in your home with minimum investment. Unlike home extensions that have to be created from scratch, having just one wall to start with, using the attic, garage, or shed means to actually have something to start with.

Garage Conversion
Garage Conversion Galway Co Galway

But, you should be careful what contractor you decide to hire for such projects because these spaces will have to be properly insulated and finished in order to be real rooms inside the house. Also, electricity and heat will have to be extended to this part of the house as well, so there are important things to have in mind when working on such a conversion. We are proud to say that we have extensive experience with conversions, helping countless houses around Dublin to enjoy more room fast and convenient. We could easily do the same for you.

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