Garage conversion – Galway
Garage Conversion Galway Co Galway

Garage conversion – Galway

We always considered conversion projects as challenging and exciting, so when we got a call from Galway in which we were requested to convert a garage into a fully functional flat, we knew we had a lot of work to do. But, we were looking forward to seeing the outcome, the results of our work, so we started working immediately once we managed to set all the details right with the client.

Because a garage is not providing an adequate level of insulation, new walls had to be installed, our choice was plasterboards walls with soundproof insulation. We also had to make all the connections for electricity, gas, water, and sewage, because there were none in this garage.

The doors were custom made for the new flat, in order to fit the given dimensions of the former garage, standard doors not being an option because they didn’t fit. We also installed thermal insulation to the roof, to prevent heat from escaping, and we placed a roof window as well, for extra light inside the flat.

Everything was freshly painted and we were in charge of creating inner cabinets as interior storage spaces. Because there was no toilet in the garage, we had to make one from ground zero. This meant installing a shower, toilet bowl, and washing basin, to make the new flat as comfortable as possible. In the end, the new flat made after the conversion of a garage had a toilet, kitchenette, and one room, perfect for a minimalist and practical lifestyle.

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