Ground floor renovation – Celbridge
Ground Floor Renovation Kilkole Co. Wicklow

Ground floor renovation – Celbridge

We received a call from a homeowner in Celbridge that wanted a complete ground floor renovation. We went down to the location as soon as possible to see what the project was all about. It turned out that our client wanted to renovate his living room, kitchen, hall, and toilet, choosing wood work for the biggest part of the renovation. The truth is that wood creates a warm and welcoming feeling inside the house, and this is exactly what we tried to do at his house in Celbridge.

We started with removing the old floor of the house and installing a gorgeous wooden oak floor. The installment process in the case of a wooden floor must be done with extreme attention to details, because if any gaps are left between the wood panels, humidity and liquid spills may cause the wood to bend in time and look unaesthetic. So, it took a while to install this wood flooring and make sure it was perfectly straight, but everybody was happy in the end by the outcome. We also had to install a fireplace in the living room as well, a wood burning stove, of course, to complete that warm and rustic appears provided by the new oak floor. The walls were entirely painted as well and we installed tiles with a brick-like design in the requested areas, maintaining the same design of the newly renovated house.

The doors were fixed and restored, so that the function properly, stop squeaking, and stop having that old look provided by chipped paint. So yes, besides taking care of the functional part of the doors, they were also cleaned and repainted with fresh layers of paint. Because we care about the quality of the services we provide to our clients, skirtings were installed as well, so that the interior space will get a finished look after the flooring had been installed.

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