Partial renovation and service
Partial house renovation Finglas Co. Dublin

Partial renovation and service

The best part about working in this domain is that you never know what to expect when reaching the office in the morning. This time, we got a request from a homeowner in Finglas to perform a partial renovation, plus a service for the home’s heating system.

Getting to do a partial renovation is not an easy task, as some may think, as there are a lot of details to consider and to be careful about if you want to obtain an exceptional result.

So, we had to paint the walls inside the house and apply wallpaper where it was requested by our client. Wallpaper needs a lot of attention because it is extremely difficult to take it off in order to repair its installment, once it got stuck on the wall. We also had to restore the joints between tiles, removing the old one and replacing it with brand new tiles. Believe it or not, a small details like this can make tiles look refreshed and cleaner.

The bathroom was further renovated with the help of new items. Thus, we have to remove the old toilet and wash basin and replace them with brand new ones. Besides the inside of the house, the client also wished for his house to be painted on the outside as well, an operation we performed by using high-quality materials and a lot of care. We installed new lamps on the outside of the house, to improve visibility around the property at night.

And, as mentioned earlier, the client requested a maintenance service for the house’s heating system and radiators, a task that we can easily do with the help of our experienced professionals in this sector. This house was another successful project we were able to add to our list.

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