Three-storey apartment refreshing
Three-storey apartment refreshing Dublin City Centre

Three-storey apartment refreshing

City apartments can also use some periodic refreshments, even if it is just about painting the walls. Because they are a great part of an apartment and they are visible at all times, the way the walls look can make a huge difference when it comes to the appearance of the entire living space. Thus, when the owner of an apartment from Dublin’s center called us, requesting us to refresh his apartment, we did not refuse, as there isn’t a task too small or too large for our company.

Our tasks were painting the walls, doors, stairwell and the stairs’ handrail. We used light colors because they create the impression of a more generous space, which is extremely useful in the case of an apartment. We also had to mask the fuse board and make it less visible. We did it by utilizing furniture boards, which gave it the aspect of a cabinet, making it blend in better with the rest of the apartment. We were happy with what we did, the customer was satisfied as well, so nothing else mattered.

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