House insulation and extension building
House insulation and extension building Co. Dublin

House insulation and extension building

The best investments homeowners can do is to insulate their homes. Not only will this provide a warmer, drier, and more welcoming house, but will also help them reduce their energy bills. We always recommend making investments in house insulation, so when we are requested to do this kind of operations, we never say no.

For this project, we had to insulate the front and back of a home, as the sides were occupied by houses that shared the same walls and were owned by other persons. But besides the insulation of the house, the owner also wanted an extension of its front part, where the door is.

Practically, the owner wanted a small covered entry, where he could welcome the guests in a warm and more pleasant manner, especially when the weather outside is not that great.

This extension involved the making of a foundation, for increased stability, walls, two doors, and two windows. We have to finish it internally and externally as well, covering pipes, using glass blocks to increase the light inside the extension, taking care of the fuse board and making a case for it, and taking care of the entire electrical installation. This extension was more complicated than the entire insulation process, but it was definitely worth it.

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