House renovation – Kilcoole
House Renovation Kilcoole Co. Wicklow

House renovation – Kilcoole

We are often requested to renovate entire homes and this house from Kilcoole was no exception. It had a grand floor and first floor, both of them requiring significant renovation operations that were meant to give the house a new appearance on the inside. At the grand floor, we had to renovate the living room, toilet, and kitchen.

This floor went through a massive remake, as walls had to be demolished and steel support utilized to keep the ceiling in place until the new walls were built. The water and electricity installations were completely remade as well, replacing the old ones with installations that respect the latest standards. The living room also got a brand new stone fireplace to complement the remodeling that was made, which certainly added a note of elegance and warmth to the room.

Both the living room and kitchen got tiles that imitate wood, the interior space benefiting from the warm colors of wood but with the resistance and easy maintenance provided by tiles. Speaking of the kitchen, the entire old fitting inside the kitchen were disassembled and new ones took their place. New lights and spotlights were also added around this floor, as discussed with the house owner.

The first floor had two bedrooms and a bathroom, each of these rooms being renovated as well. The walls were completely remodeled using plasterboards and soundproofing insulation. The bathroom was significantly changed by taking down the old tiles and installing new ones, and by installing a new washbasin, bathtub, and toilet bowl. Everything looked clean and brand new once we were finished and the homeowners were very happy with the way their house came out.

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